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Character Template

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Character Template

Post by K on Thu Mar 17, 2016 10:35 am

Follow these steps and layout your bio according to the number by the steps and you won't go wrong with the character bio.

1.) Choose your superhero’s powers. Since super heroes are generally identified by their powers, it might make sense to think of the powers first and then shape the character to fit them. A huge number of superpowers have already been claimed by other characters, so try to come up with something unique (ex. Gambit) but not so unique that your character is ridiculed for it (ex. Aqua man).

In that same breathe some superheroes don’t have any “powers” in the supernatural sense of the word and instead rely on gadgets and training (ex. Batman, Black Widow). Others specialize in a single weapon or fighting style; these heroes’ dedication not only commands our respect, but also makes them more susceptible to other attack styles, which in turn makes them more vulnerable (and possibly more interesting).

It’s doubtful you’ll be able to find something that hasn’t already been taken by someone somewhere, so just be sure to tweak it enough not to outright rip off another character.

2.) Decide how the character got those powers. Picking a cool power isn’t enough; to make it relevant, you have to integrate it into the character’s life story so that it becomes part of what defines their actions. One thing that almost all superheroes have in common is that they don’t choose the superhero lifestyle; it chooses them – often through birth (ex. Superman and the X-Men), a freak accident (ex. Spider-Man, the Hulk), or an emotionally traumatic event (ex. Catwoman, the Crow). This can make a character more round and dynamic.

3.)Think about how the powers have evolved. What was the character’s initial reaction? How long did it take before the character had second thoughts? Have the powers become necessary for survival? Does your superhero try to use those powers as little as possible? Is (s)he proud or ashamed of these abilities? Make the superpowers a journey in and of themselves; a character who has a static relationship to his or her own abilities won’t generate a lot of interest.

4.)Give your superhero a tragic flaw. An invulnerable hero can get old fast. By giving him or her a fatal weakness, you make battles more interesting and make fans more invested in the character. (Sometimes, the powers themselves are the tragic flaw.)

5.)Choose a gender and build for your superhero. The superpowers you have chosen will help you determine the character’s physicality. Is your character a tank? Would a lithe and lanky build more appropriate? Is the power gender-specific? Design a costume for your superhero. Make sure the colors, style, and accessories are all appropriate to both the character’s powers and personality.(Pictures are preferred in this area)

6.)Flesh out your character’s superhero personality. Now that you have covered the ins and outs of what makes this hero so super, you can flesh out the personality accordingly. Is (s)he aggressive and confident? Quiet and shy? Backhanded and manipulative? Brassy and funny? Outrageous and pompous? Dark and conflicted? The list goes on…

7.)Flesh out your character’s everyday personality. Most superheroes have alter-egos that keep them safe from enemies and help them navigate the normal human world; this is a huge part of what makes them so good, as most people feel like they have to hide their true selves from others. Make sure to create a believable, realistic secondary identity; as a bonus, choose something that compliments their superhero nature, making one of the two identities into a “shadow self” (ex. the obsessively dedicated and altruistic Batman pretending to be the spoiled playboy Bruce Wayne).

8.)Create a personality weakness or flaws for your hero. What is your superhero's 'soft spot'? Are they mortally afraid of anything or anyone? Nobody is perfect, and neither is your superhero.

9.) While this is largely dictated by what goes on in rp. Determine the default community’s relationship to both the superhero self and the everyday self. Do people look up one or both personalities? Does anyone know that they are really a superhero?

10.)Name your superhero. Once you feel confident that your character is dynamic and well-rounded, find a unique name. Be careful not to accidentally choose something that’s already been taken.
11.) Give your superhero a trademark or two. A symbol or logo, for example, makes superheroes more memorable and helps make their costumes complete. A catchphrase might also be useful, but remember to make it catchy, not long or cheesy. If it’s appropriate for the character’s power, you might also want to give him or her a trademark pose. Of course, the most important trademarks of all are weapons, vehicles, and other useful tools. Be sure to name these items and give them a special place in the bio.

12.)Decide whether or not to give your superhero a sidekick/team. Is the sidekick/team useful or do they make lots of mistakes? Develop the sidekick/team the same way that you’ve developed the superhero thus far, then create a back-story as to how they met. Were they once enemies? Were they scarred by the same event? Is (s)he a sibling or friend? Did the superhero meet the sidekick/team by resurrecting them (or vice versa)?

13.) Decide if your superhero has any main enemies. Again mainly dictated by RP but give us default, flesh out the enemies the same way you did the superhero. However, don’t answer too many questions about the villains right off the bat; taking time to reveal their back-stories, true natures, and/or motivations will make them more engaging and mysterious.

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